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Working Process Models

Wagile Model

The Waterfall model is a linear, sequential approach to the software development lifecycle (SDLC). During each stage of development, it establishes clear endpoints or objectives. After certain endpoints or objectives have been achieved, they cannot be revisited. The ‘Wateraspect covers requirements, product backlog, and planning and the ‘Fallaspect cover close project execution. 

‘Agile Scrum’ features the middle of the process, and executes project on an agile approach; which allows for to change of the request and change in the priority of the features. Each sprint lasts two to four weeks, and the goal of each sprint is to build the most important features first and deliver a deliverable product. 

Water-scrum-fall is a hybrid of two project management methodologies that combination of 2 models: waterfall and scrum. This hybrid approach is sometimes also called ‘Wagile’. 

The combination of both methodologies creates a flexible approach where our company can utilize the best parts of each while working on a project. 

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